[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v4] [ramips] mt7621: add support for netis WF-2881‏

Srdjan Rosic srdjan.rosic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 18:01:46 EST 2015

not to be a spoil sport, I like seeing new devices supported, but this
one (commit id 5baf40d) causes a dependency of mtd/nand to be pulled
in, which has some bugs from before, which breaks the build at least
for ramips

I haven't tried other nand arches to see if they build at this same commit.

Maybe git revert 5baf40d would be a good thing to do until we figure
out how build is broken?

That is unless you already have an idea?

Do you have a commit where this patch worked, so we can perhaps bisect?


  LD      fs/built-in.o
  LD      crypto/built-in.o
  CC      drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.o
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c:113:25: error: 'NAND_MAX_OOBSIZE'
undeclared here (not in a function)
 static u8 local_oob_buf[NAND_MAX_OOBSIZE];
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c: In function 'mtk_nand_erase_hw':
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c:1425:6: error: 'struct nand_chip' has no
member named 'erase_cmd'
  chip->erase_cmd(mtd, page);
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c: At top level:
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c:113:11: warning: 'local_oob_buf' defined
but not used [-Wunused-variable]
 static u8 local_oob_buf[NAND_MAX_OOBSIZE];
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c:1392:1: warning: 'mtk_nand_read_page'
defined but not used [-Wunused-function]
 mtk_nand_read_page(struct mtd_info *mtd, struct nand_chip *chip, u8 *
buf, int page)
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c:1431:1: warning: 'mtk_nand_erase' defined
but not used [-Wunused-function]
 mtk_nand_erase(struct mtd_info *mtd, int page)
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c: In function 'mtk_nand_write_oob_hw':
drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.c:1647:1: warning: control reaches end of
non-void function [-Wreturn-type]
scripts/Makefile.build:257: recipe for target
'drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.o' failed
make[8]: *** [drivers/mtd/nand/mtk_nand.o] Error 1
scripts/Makefile.build:402: recipe for target 'drivers/mtd/nand' failed
make[7]: *** [drivers/mtd/nand] Error 2


Thank you,
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