[OpenWrt-Devel] uqmi: more CMakeLists changes

Bachtin, Dmitri dbachtin at init-ka.de
Fri Nov 20 01:34:34 EST 2015

Hello all,

in the process of integrating uqmi into our build server, I've made
additional changes to uqmi's CMakeLists.txt. With these changes, one
will be able to specify where CMake should search for libubox, json
and blobmsg_json headers, too. Overall one can search for the
referenced libraries in non-standard prefixes now.

[PATCH 1/2] uqmi: search for ubox, blobmsg_json and json include

With this patch, CMake will search for libubox' and json's include
paths. One can define following variables to inform CMake where the
includes are: ubox_include_dir, json_include_dir,

[PATCH 2/2] uqmi: added _library suffix to lib variables

To follow the convention for FIND_PATH and FIND_LIBRARY, I've added
the _library suffix to the lib variables ubox, json and
blobmsg_json. This patch is only for purpose of convention (i.e. nice
to have).

This second patch could break someone's build if one's headers of the
referenced libraries are in standard paths (i.e. /usr/include), but he
overrides the former library variables. He would then have to add the
_library suffix in his build process.

Thus, when importing the second patch, I'd ask you to decide whether
this change is viable and reject it otherwise.

 -- Dmitri Bachtin
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