[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 1/2] imx6: kernel: Add support for Toradex Apalis modules

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Fri Nov 13 05:08:36 EST 2015

Tim Harvey <tharvey at gateworks.com> [2015-11-11 06:28:09]:

> Hi Petr,


> I expect those patches to be merged perhaps this week and I think
> you'll find it very easy to use the example of the Wandboard device
> there to create a device for your board that includes APALIS_DTS.

good, thanks. I'll wait for a merge and then rework my patchset.

> The OpenWrt tradition is to add a patch to add yoru dtb's to the
> Makefile (as you have done with archarm/boot/dts/Makefile but to put
> 'added' files into target/linux/imx6/files-4.1/

Ok, noted.

> Also, I would recommend first posting your dts patches to the arm-linux
> maillist first to have them reviewed fully by the experts there before
> adding them to OpenWrt. The benefit other than being reviewed by the proper
> group is that they will also get mainlined and make future maintenance of
> the imx6 target much simpler.

Well, it was my plan to mainline it later, once I'll finish tasks with higher
priorities, but it seems, that it would be better to get it mainlined first.

> I don't know what tree this was cherry-picked from - its certainly not
> mainline linux as there is no IMX6 EP support there.

That cherry picked reference is another branch in Toradex's kernel tree[1].

> Can you explain a bit more what is going on here? Are you saying that
> reset_gpio goes to a switch and a different reset_ep_gpio goes to the
> PCIe device behind the switch?

Yes, exactly.

The Apalis Evaluation Board features the ExpressLane PEX 8605-AB 4-Lane,
4-Port PCI Express Gen2 Switch from PLX. It is used to connect the standard
PCIe interface on the Apalis Module to 2 PCIe x1 connectors and a mini PCIe

But I don't have this Eval board, I'm using Ixora board where there's only one
Mini PCIe slot, so I can use just reset-gpio and get rid of this patch. I'll
fix it in v2.


1. https://git.toradex.com/cgit/linux-toradex.git/commit/?id=94a60e7f645965b1e422e4e80aa8ccb9e0ec845c

-- ynezz
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