[OpenWrt-Devel] 回复: How to disable the Internal PA in the mt7620a ?

Soulkey chokyeung at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 4 03:40:34 EST 2015

Hello? Is there anyone get this email ? 
I send this email to openwrt-devel at lists.openwrt.org, openwrt-users at lists.openwrt.org, but , why I can't receive it ??


     Soulkey <chokyeung at yahoo.com> 于 2015年11月4日, 星期三, 上午 10:39 写道:

 Hello,     I enabled the External PA in the .dts file for the mt7620a like this:

                        pa {                                ralink,group = "pa";                                ralink,function = "pa";                        };
But , how to disable the Intercal PA ?
Thanks very much !!!

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