[OpenWrt-Devel] Uci event on config change

Florian Eckert eckert.florian at googlemail.com
Mon May 25 04:07:03 EDT 2015


I have a question and i dont find anything in the dokumentation of openwrt

In older version of openwrt "ucitrack" was used to watch config changes
and to restart services if something changed.
In newer version of openwrt "procd" is now used to make the same thing.

I need something diffrent

I am using the easycwmp tr069 client to get an config from am acs and to
preconfig the cpe. If someone changes the config over the Webgui (luci)
the acs should be informed that something has changed. I can do this
with easycwmp but I have to poll the config. This is not very clever.


Is there any possibility in openwrt to get an event from the uci over
ubus that a config parameter has changed to send this to the acs?

Some thing like:

1. Webgui
[ change something in the luci ]
[ press -> save/apply ]

2 . Console [ script ]
-> ubus listen &
-> get event
-> grep paramter and map this to tr069
-> grep new value
-> ubus call tr069

Kind Regards Flo
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