[OpenWrt-Devel] protobuf broken in BB

Guillaume Déflache guillaume.deflache at ibwag.com
Fri May 22 03:10:11 EDT 2015

Am 17.11.2014 um 10:41 schrieb obconseil:
> Hello,
> The last patch I sent to Guillaume is working for me. I'm waiting for
> his approval before re-submitting it to the list officially.

Hi all!

In the meantime a pull request for 2.6.1 
(<https://github.com/openwrt/packages/pull/1273>) I made has been 
committed in packages' master and for-15.05 branches.

Obinou and other protobuf users, could you confirm it also works for 
you? I am relatively confident the patch is correct, but I could only 
test it on one MIPS ISA.

Hoping we can get this sorted out before CC RC2!
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