[OpenWrt-Devel] working with quilt from './staging_dir/host/bin/quilt'

Jo-Philipp Wich jow at openwrt.org
Thu May 21 16:20:01 EDT 2015

> my idea was to use this:
> make target/linux/{clean,prepare} V=s QUILT=1

If the patches all apply despite fuzz:

make target/linux/refresh

If they do not apply:

make target/linux/{clean,prepare} V=s QUILT=1
cd build_dir/target-*/linux-*/linux-*
quilt push -a  (will halt before the failing patch)
quilt push -f  (will forcibly put the broken patch on top of the stack)
quilt edit ... (fixup the broken patch by editing to-be-patched files)
quilt refresh  (will fixup broken patch)
quilt push -a  (will apply remainder of the series)
cd ../../../../
make target/linux/update  (copies current series back)
make target/linux/refresh (rebases all patches in case the new one
                           produced fuzz in subsequent ones)

~ Jow

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