[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ar8216: Fix problem with AR8337 MAC swap handling

Christian Mehlis christian at m3hlis.de
Wed May 20 13:05:11 EDT 2015

Am 29.04.2015 um 19:41 schrieb Heiner Kallweit:
> AR8337 supports a configuration bit to swap MAC0 and MAC6.
> Currently this is set in general if an AR8337 is detected and causes
> issues with devices using an AR8334 (internally an AR8337, just
> less chip pins).
> And it might even cause issues with AR8337-based devices with
> different board designs.
> Swapping the MAC's however isn't needed for AR8337 in general.
> It's just needed in case of certain board designs (affected devices
> seem to be based on Atheros reference board AP135/136-010).
> Therefore this configuration bit should be moved to platform data.
> The patch includes the needed changes to the device initialization
> code of affected devices. Hopefully I didn't miss any ..

please merge this for CC.

It makes Ethernet on the compex-wpj344 (which has been merged) working.

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