[OpenWrt-Devel] How to track IO usage of internal flash mtd partitions?

Sergey Zakharchenko doublef.mobile at gmail.com
Wed May 20 02:38:01 EDT 2015

Hello Valent,

2015-05-19 15:52 GMT+03:00 you wrote:
> Is there maybe something that I have missed or there is no tool for
> reading IO usage of mtd partitions?

Without kernel support for this, it's not possible. However, yo're
(possibly) in luck, as we use the following patch in new DLI power
controllers to do what you probably want to do:


It's supposed to work with OpenWrt AA (kernel 3.3). It's distributed
together with the firmware sources, so consider it's under GPL.

Keep in mind that few care about the write count, it's usually the
erase count that matters.

Best regards,

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