[OpenWrt-Devel] WAN dhcp client doesnt recognize unplugged cable and doesnt request new IP on replugged

Karl Palsson karlp at tweak.net.au
Tue May 19 07:38:32 EDT 2015

Hans Dedecker <dedeckeh at gmail.com> wrote:
> By the introduction of linksensing the user experience changed when
> using the proto static; before the static IP address was present in
> the kernel when the link was down after the introduction of
> linksensing the static IP address is not present anymore. I'm not
> aware of other bugs.
> >

Given that this is the way regular desktop linux works too, are we
digging a hole here where OpenWrt keeps providing the old behaviour?  My
desktop has a static ip on one interface, and when I unplug the cable, I

NetworkManager[995]: <info>  (enp0s20u1u1): link disconnected (deferring
action for 4 seconds)
NetworkManager[995]: <info>  (enp0s20u1u1): link disconnected (calling
deferred action)
NetworkManager[995]: <info>  (enp0s20u1u1): device state change:
activated -> unavailable (reason 'carrier-changed') [100 20 40]
NetworkManager[995]: <info>  (enp0s20u1u1): deactivating device (reason
'carrier-changed') [40]

And then the static IP is gone too.  It might have been a "behaviour
change" but lots of things change.  Was this really something critical
enough to try and keep?

> > Further, if netifd is the one adding force_link, then surely it should
> > be removing it when you change to dhcp, not just leaving there like a
> > land mine
> Tested this on the netifd trunk version; switching proto static to
> dhcp and did not observe an issue regarding force_link as the dhcp
> client was teared down when the link cable was unplugged. Do you use
> the netifd trunk version ?

no idea,  what version would that be exactly?  netifd packages just have
a date and a git tag :)

I'm going to run some more tests on this, thanks for the information and
background so far.

Karl Palsson

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