[OpenWrt-Devel] Help required for RT2860 Wireless Driver Configuration

Anil Kumar Maguluri m.anilkumar at globaledgesoft.com
Fri May 15 06:53:34 EDT 2015

Hi All, 

Currently i am working on Open WRT with RT2860 Wireless Device Driver (MT7620 Chipset). 

My current scenario is the STA ( WLAN and P2P Concurrent) is part of AP BSS, P2P BSS Simultaneously. 
I am able to connect Concurrency and able to transmit Unicast packet (using PING). 

But, i have the few queries based on the RT2860 Wireless Driver: 
1. I would like to disable hardware security (Encryption and Decryption), but couldnt find any register where i can configure, is there any register where i can disable HW Security? 

2. Is there any document to understand Multiple BSSID Concept? Is the above scenario will be part of MBSSID? 
a. In the above scenario, Which BSSID should i write in BSSID register? Is the WLAN BSSID or P2P BSSID? As per my understanding based on the code, they are updating the P2P Interface Address while P2P link up, but not updating P2P BSSID after connecting with P2P GO, is my understanding correct? Is yes, how WLAN BSSID packets will receive? 
b. In case of Security, based on the code the Security registers are updated when P2P Device connect with P2P GO, then how WLAN BSSID packets will be decrypted at Hardware? 

Please help me to understand the Code better.Thanks for your support. 

Thanks and Regards, 
Anil Kumar Maguluri 
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