[OpenWrt-Devel] ddns default config values broken?

Henning Schild henning at hennsch.de
Thu May 7 15:38:09 EDT 2015


i recently switched from using a wget-cronjob to ddns-scripts and
luci-app-ddns. A couple of days ago i unplugged my router for a couple
of minutes and today i found that my ddns entries where outdated.
What happened was that the default 5 retries failed and the whole ddns
service just died without my knowledge.

I think the default number of retries should be infinite. With the
current defaults a 5min connection loss will just make the script give
up forever. One will have to log in and restart the service every time
that happens. And even worse you might have to realize the problem
the hard way, being away from home and not being able to figure out
your IP. That default behaviour is probably not what most users would

My suggestion is to change the default of retry_count to 0. If that is
not a good idea i would like to understand why. In case the reason are
concerns about traffic/load or getting blocked by the provider, i would
suggest exponential backoff instead of a fixed retry frequency.

Let me know what you guys think. I will provide patches should we
agree on changing that.

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