[OpenWrt-Devel] lantiq DSL drivers / firmware info

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Mon May 4 13:55:49 EDT 2015

Hi Martin,

> >> Has anyone tried any of these firmwares with newer drivers to see if
> >> they can do vectoring?
> >
> > Put another way - does anyone have a driver that works with firmware
> > 6.x?
> Neither v4.11.4 nor v4.11.11 support vectoring.
> Thus you need at least v4.15.2 (see my other thread which has the links).
> Unfortunately *I* did not manage to get it working yet (on ADSL2 / Annex B).

You said you also don't actually have the current one working though,
which was working well for me (on both Annex A and Annex B with VDSL

Note that the system seems to be too slow for 100 Mbps though, so this
is somewhat academic, it can't do 100 Mbps NAT in my tests. I'm probably
going to replace it with something faster and leave VDSL to a separate

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