[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] modules: package l2tp_ip6.ko in kmod-l2tp-ip6

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Sun May 3 14:05:35 EDT 2015

> Anyway, I get that argument, but it could still be solved by
> adding +IPV6:kmod-l2tp-ip6 as a dependency to kmod-l2tp-ip.
> If it's really about the packaging overhead, it would also
> be possible to only include l2tp_ip6.ko in FILES if IPV6 is set,
> thus getting rid of the kmod-ipv6 dependency on non-IPv6 systems.
I guess that sounds like a good compromise.

> In the long-run, I dream about native L2TPv3 integration in
> netifd using netlink, just like GRE tunnels are supported in
Yes, it's one of those: I would really love to implement that one day 
list, along with a 100 other things unfortunately :/

> http://git.openwrt.org/?p=project/netifd.git;a=blob;f=system-linux.c
> That could then take care of resolving hostnames, adding host-
> routes and all that...
> What are you using to setup pseudo-wires in OpenWrt after
> https://github.com/openwrt/packages/commit/08ae49377644067d2ad3e004f7fc1644e128b6c4
> ?
ip-full for now, though I might one day get annoyed enough to write a 
smaller replacement but IIRC it uses "generic netlink" which is a bit 
more complicated than usual netlink.

> There are still many cases where people use ImageBuilder to have a
> firmware without IPv6, so they can use the space for other things.
> I don't like that approach either and only know about it because
> these systems then don't respond to IPv6 link-local multicast ping
> which is one of my most used tools in my personal maintainance
> toolbox...
I guess those people would need to use the SDK / buildroot then. I will 
try to bring it up with the other core-hackers at some point.

> And won't we one day package IPv4 as an optional module instead then?
I don't think that the Linux kernel supports that (yet?).

> Right, the fact that versioning is based on the kernel is exactly the
> problem here. Imagine that I'm using a 3.14-based locally maintained
> OpenWrt branch and provide updates via a feed. Now some user asked me
> for l2tp_ip6 support and I'd like to tell her, "yes, it's available now.
> Go ahead an install kmod-...".
> Now the user already got kmod-l2tp-ip installed, so opkg won't re-install
> the package as it believes it's up-to-date. I guess that should explain
> it.
Okay, got it though to be fair snapshot builds are in practice not 
really "upgradable" at the moment anyway due to the often times 
false-positive kernel version mismatch.


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