[OpenWrt-Devel] e2fsprogs broken on ARM...

John Szakmeister john at szakmeister.net
Mon Mar 30 15:02:03 EDT 2015

Commit 988e3615e52b2cd9b9e07f4bbbd76494f7e0cb24 broke building
e2fsprogs on an ARM platform.  It looks like that in version 1.42.10
the decision was made to drop locally defined versions of both
sync_file_range() and fallocate() because they were broken on 32-bit
platforms, and there was some issue on the MIPS32 platform too (see
58229aaf85d435469e901c974f31ead6d9124166 is the e2fsprogs git repo).

They decided to let the C library handle it, but unfortunately, uClibc
really isn't up to it at the moment.  It might be possible to backport
the work done to make sync_file_range() on the mainline uClibc, but it
might beyond my capability at the moment (I don't have a way to test
other platforms right now)--though I can try, if you'd like me to.

Or, should we just patch out the building of e4defrag for the time
being?  We don't currently package it.


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