[OpenWrt-Devel] LED Toggling for SATA

Deepanjan Kar dkar at ikanos.com
Mon Mar 30 05:38:15 EDT 2015

Dear All,

I would be thankful if you could provide me hint on to how to implement a driver for LED for a  AHCI Controller.
At present the LED is driven by GPIO.
The requirement is that the LED should GLOW SOLID once the SATA link is UP, TOGGLE during SATA traffic and GLOW HOLLOW once the link is down.

The driver should expose the LEDS to SYSFS for control from the user.

A driver for LEDS for USB is present in drivers/leds/ledtrig-usbdev.c.
This uses a function call "usb_register_notify" to get notified from the USB Core about the USB link.

Do we have something similar for SATA ?


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