[OpenWrt-Devel] DHCPv6 flash renumbering patches with HE tunnel breaks

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Thu Mar 26 06:47:19 EDT 2015

Hello Arjen,

most likely, your DHCPv6 client implementation is faulty and you should 
probably file a bug for more than one reason.

If the DHCPv6 server sends values for T1 and / or T2 which are valid the 
client must honor them and not try to be "smart" about lifetimes of 

Besides you also get addresses with higher values for preferred lifetime 
using RAs so you always have usable IPv6 addresses, so if your 
network-manager / OS behaves sanely you shouldn't have any issues.

A work-around for this is setting:
option ra_management 0
in the lan-section of /etc/config/dhcp which will cause most clients to 
not use DHCPv6 and rely on RAs only.


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