[OpenWrt-Devel] Dynamically generate custom files before building?

Jo-Philipp Wich jow at openwrt.org
Wed Mar 25 07:36:37 EDT 2015


some architectures do not have any default files for wireless and
network in the repository. Those files are generated by scripts on first

The question is raised over and over again in the forums and on the
lists. The natural solution to your kind of objective is to write an
(files/)etc/uci-defaults/99_mystuff script which amends/modifies the
just generated files according to your needs.

This way you also do not need to maintain complete configurations for
each possible model you intend to cover, especially if the only actual
delta is a different SSID and setting a PSK.

Apart from that it is also possible to make a wireless config somewhat
generic by replacing the "option path" or "option macaddr" phy
identifier with "option phy phy0" - this way it would work across a
range of different models, assuming they all use mac80211.

The script approach would be something like that:

$ cat files/etc/uci-defaults/99_mysettings

uci set wireless.radio0.channel=3
uci del wireless.radio0.disabled

uci set wireless. at wifi-iface[0].ssid="Foo Bar"
uci set wireless. at wifi-iface[0].encryption=psk2
uci set wireless. at wifi-iface[0].key="secr3t123"

# do we have a 5ghz radio?
if uci -q get wireless.radio1 >/dev/null; then
    uci set wireless.radio1.channel=52
    uci del wireless.radio1.disabled

    uci set wireless. at wifi-iface[1].ssid="Foo Bar 5"
    uci set wireless. at wifi-iface[1].encryption=psk2
    uci set wireless. at wifi-iface[1].key="secr3t123"

exit 0


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