[OpenWrt-Devel] Rebuilding for specific hardware, example ar71xx/image for TP-Link TL-WR841ND

Jo-Philipp Wich jow at openwrt.org
Mon Mar 23 10:50:07 EDT 2015


> Thanks, I got it now. So I should run make oldconfig when compiling
> automatically everyday?

The best approach is the following:

- Initially use menuconfig and select stuff as you like
- Extract the delta compared to the defualt configuration with
    $ ./scripts/diffconfig.sh > config.seed
- When building a new iteration, create a new .config from scratch
  using the seed file and defconfig to autopopulate the rest:
    $ cp config.seed .config && make defconfig

This way you only keep the minimally required config entries and do not
miss updated defaults in trunk which are not automatically applied if
already set.

~ Jow
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