[OpenWrt-Devel] Ubiquiti AirOS7 is based on openwrt r40432

Stefan Rompf stefan at loplof.de
Tue Mar 17 16:06:29 EDT 2015

Hi Federico,

On Donnerstag, 12. März 2015 13:37:37 Nemesis wrote:

> I went at this URL:
> https://www.ubnt.com/download/?group=nanobeam-ac
> Clicked on "GPL Archive", downloaded it, extracted it, and took a look
> in it and found out a readme file which states:
> that the archive contains all GPL related sources and modifications made
> by Ubiquiti Networks on original OpenWRT-r40432 sources.

UniFi also seems to be based on OpenWRT. Many kernel modules contain strings 
referencing /home/build-unifi/uap.build/openwrt/build_dir/, and they forgot to 
remove an /etc/config/ dir with unused OpenWRT files in their 3.2.7 release.

However, I've found no GPL source on their homepage.

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