[OpenWrt-Devel] D-Link switches with GPL Linux kernel available

Jean-Michel Pouré - GOOZE jmpoure at gooze.eu
Sun Mar 15 08:05:53 EDT 2015

Dear all,

First I would like to congratulate the community for working hard on
OpenWRT. For years I have been using pfSense and now that they are
closing sources (aka on copyright issues) and compiling without peer
review, I am turning towards OpenWRT. I am impressed by the quality of
OpenWRT project. I like the ability to compile firmwares ourselves.

After migrating to OpenWRT on routers, I would like to give a try at
switches. [This is a cross post on the forum, sorry]:

D-Link published the GPL source code of its main router line (for
individuals and small companies), which is the DGS-1210 line. It
includes Gigabyte routers from 8 to 48 ports, with SPF connectors and
advanced features.

Those switches can be purchased for a low pricing on eBay. Example : 48
port switch for 70,00 GBP (around 98 EUR). One reason is that D-Linked
never updated the firmware between hardware revision A, B, C and D. So
most old switches only support IPv4 and people are massively reselling
them for IPv6 compliance (and buying new ones to D-Link, is that what
D-Link wants?). This may be an opportunity for OpenWRT and us hackers.

All switches are running Linux.

Source code is available here :

Scroll down and display lines with "GPL source code".
And the click on a model, and download source code.

Example: DGS-1210-10P revision A1 and A2 source code :

A script allows to compile a firmware image.

Do you think this is the complete source code or are some drivers not
published and missing? Could you have a quick look at the source code
and tell your opinion?

On my side I am trying to access the console, but no luck until now.
Some GPIOs are used by LED display and I have a hard time finding serial

Kind regards,
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