[OpenWrt-Devel] Squid: Configuring Intercept Mode

Ronaldo Afonso ronaldo at ronaldoafonso.com.br
Wed Mar 11 10:37:33 EDT 2015


  I'm trying to configure my Squid with the intercept mode in OpenWRT, but
I checked the "/etc/init.d/squid" init script and it's preventing me from
inserting a string for option "http_port" ...

validate_squid_section() {
        uci_validate_section squid squid "${1}" \
                'config_file:string' \
                'http_port:port:3128' \
                'coredump_dir:string' \
                'visible_hostname:string:OpenWrt' \

  How can I configure Squid for "intercepting" HTTP requests without
clients configuration ?

  I have tried changing 'http_port:port:3128' for 'http_port:string:3128',
but I'm not sure if that is the best or right way to do that.

  Thanks in advance ...

Ronaldo Afonso
11 9 5252 0484
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