[OpenWrt-Devel] howto enable missing LEDs on archer-c5 in trunk

Christian Mehlis christian at m3hlis.de
Mon Mar 9 09:43:03 EDT 2015


my Archer-c5 has 10 LEDs, but in sysfs only the following LEDs are 

$ ls /sys/class/leds
ath9k-phy1           tp-link:blue:wlan2g  tp-link:green:usb2
tp-link:blue:qss     tp-link:blue:wlan5g
tp-link:blue:system  tp-link:green:usb1

$ cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio
GPIOs 0-23, ath79:
  gpio-12  (tp-link:blue:wlan2g ) out lo
  gpio-13  (RFKILL switch       ) in  lo
  gpio-14  (tp-link:blue:system ) out lo
  gpio-15  (tp-link:blue:qss    ) out hi
  gpio-16  (Reset button        ) in  hi
  gpio-17  (tp-link:blue:wlan5g ) out lo
  gpio-18  (tp-link:green:usb1  ) out hi
  gpio-19  (tp-link:green:usb2  ) out hi
  gpio-21  (USB2 power          ) out hi
  gpio-22  (USB1 power          ) out hi

All LAN and WAN LEDs are missing in sysfs.

Can someone tell me how to make them visible in sysfs in trunk?

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