[OpenWrt-Devel] minimal work needed to build just the toolchain

Claudio Thomas ct at xmodus-systems.de
Tue Mar 3 06:27:05 EST 2015


the same question was already discussed on 2008-01, but it seems to me,
that some iterim steps are no more necessary... I guess that there has
been some improvements made in the last 7 years :-) Therefore, I would
thankful for a confirmation of my assumption.

Actually I do the following:
1. make clean ckeckout of BB from git
2. copy my actual working .config into the checkout to avoid reselecting
all config options (and probably missing some of them :-) )
3. run "make toolchain/install"
=> the full toolchain should now be located in "./

Is this correct?
Is the created toolchain complete or do I have missed any important step?


Working on OpenWrt CC for Xmodus GSM Router XM1710E
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