[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2 2/3] mcs814x: fix interrupts

Guenther Kelleter Guenther.Kelleter at devolo.de
Tue Jul 28 09:02:10 EDT 2015

mach-dove/irq.c doesn’t use generic irq chip API. This doesn’t help me any further.

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On Jul 27, 2015 3:54 AM, "Günther Kelleter" <guenther.kelleter at devolo.de<mailto:guenther.kelleter at devolo.de>> wrote:
> create explicit 1:1 mapping before mcs814x_alloc_gc/irq_setup_generic_chip
> marks all interrupts used and prevents mapping by dts init.
> IRQ 0 is the timer interrupt and is not illegal!

Is the second hunk of the patch still necessary then? Some other people seem to have run into similar problems on Dove, you might to look at what they did to avoid having to remove the check against virq 0.


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