[OpenWrt-Devel] EdgeRouter POE support

Wojtek Sawaściuk voyo at no-ip.pl
Mon Jul 27 18:27:50 EDT 2015

What is current status of support for Ubiquity's EdgeRouter POE (this
one with 2+3switch ports) ?

I can't flash it with sysupgrade using openwrt-15.05-rc3-octeon-er:

"Sysupgrade is not yet supported on cavium,octeon-3860.
Image check 'platform_check_image' failed."

I can with openwrt-15.05-rc3-octeon-erlite but system detects only eth0
and eth1, not switch interface (same status with BarierBraker).

I managed to detect eth2, by porting to BB Ubiquiti's GPL kernel
modifications, but I don't know how to enable this interface as switch0,
and bring it up.
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