[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] bugfix: FORCE=1 doesn't work to override prereq checks

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Mon Jul 27 10:16:24 EDT 2015

* Lawrence D'Anna <larry at elder-gods.org> [26.07.2015 16:39]:
> > What prereq can be forced that makes force even a worthwhile option?  If
> > it works anyway, why not just drop the prereq check?  If it still won't
> > work, what's the point in allowing a force?
> In my case it was because the prereq checks didn’t think I had openssl because they 
> didn’t use HOST_CPPFLAGS.

here i had problems on IBM Power7/8 with AIX.
i think for the 'brave' a FORCE makes sense for tracking
down problems. e.g. simply aborting, because 'GNU find' is not
there is...because of GNU? 8-)

bye, bastian
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