[OpenWrt-Devel] Adding device driver to OpenWRT (RBP)

Jernej Izak izak.jernej at nxp.com
Wed Jul 22 12:47:46 EDT 2015



I am trying to integrate https://github.com/ivan19871002/nxp-pn5xx driver as
a kernel module to OpenWRT for RaspberyPi. 


What I did:

-        Put nxp-pn5xx sources to drivers/misc of build_dir 

-        Added "obj-y += nxp-pn5xx/ " to drivers/misc/Makefile

-        Added "source "drivers/misc/nxp-pn5xx/Kconfig"" to


After that can see <> NXP PN5XX based driver in (Device Drivers -> Misc
devices) I checked it.


Also tried to add structs showed below to bcm2807.c file :


struct pn544_i2c_platform_data pn544_platform_data = {

               .irq_gpio = 23,

               .ven_gpio = 24



// Use the actual device name rather than generic driver name

static struct i2c_board_info __initdata pn544_i2c_devices[] = {


                              I2C_BOARD_INFO("pn544", 0x28), .platform_data
= &pn544_platform_data





i2c_register_board_info_dt(1, pn544_i2c_devices,



But after successful builded image, cannot see any module on OpenWRT.


In use 14.07 branch (Barrier Breaker) of OpenWRT.  

Maybe someone know what I did wrong?


With Best Regards




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