[OpenWrt-Devel] Request for advice about SysUpgrade

drEagle dreagle at doukki.net
Wed Jul 22 03:25:36 EDT 2015


Thank you Claudio for you answer.

Le 22/07/2015 01:52, Claudio Leite a écrit :
>> What is the most simple implementation of sysupgrade ?
>> I cannot get it to work with ubifs, the root is blocking my ubidetach try.
>> If I get all unmount with /etc/init/umount stop, then my /mnt and images are no more available.
> I'm sitting on some patches that implement the aforementioned
> squashfs+ubifs format on Kirkwood, rather than the straight UBIFS image it
> is now. I'll try to clean them up in the next few days and submit.

Great, I'll wait for this submit.

> I don't remember the details, but even before switching to squashfs it
> was mostly a matter of creating a platform_check_image() block in
> /lib/upgrade/platform.sh, and calling "nand_do_platform_check" for the
> board. It "just worked" after that.

May be I get more unwanted side back effects because I am testing from console instead of using webui ?

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