[OpenWrt-Devel] Request for advice about SysUpgrade

drEagle dreagle at doukki.net
Tue Jul 21 11:22:16 EDT 2015

Hi Hackers,

I have started to add sysupgrade to guruplug server in kirkwood platform.
I get stuck in the understanding in my analysis of OpenWrt implementation of Ugrade process.

The wiki has only advices and the implementations in actual sources of targets are all very differents.
They not using a standard process.

So I do not get a good advice of a best solution.

On the GuruPlugServerPlus are Kirkwood CPU.
The available NAND (512Mo) is ok with UBI.

What are best solutions of MTD partitionning for all OpenWrt longtimes use cases ?
For factory reset, upgrade, fault, others ?

What are differences between squashfs, ubifs, ubi, ubinized ?

What is the most simple implementation of sysupgrade ?
I cannot get it to work with ubifs, the root is blocking my ubidetach try.
If I get all unmount with /etc/init/umount stop, then my /mnt and images are no more available.

I have look deeper in others boards usage, and I discover a NAND behaviour of sysupgrade.

I am now looking from anyone advices to share.

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