[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC] [PATCH 0/6] CC: Backport EnGenius ESR1750 && EPG5000 fixes from trunk

Christian Beier cb at shoutrlabs.com
Tue Jul 21 11:09:51 EDT 2015

This set of patches is my attempt to get decent support for the
ESR1750 and EPG5000 EnGenius devices into CC. They apply to the CC release
branch I got from git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git and build all ar71xx
images just fine. I also tested the image on an EPG5000.

If you think it's too late for these backports, simply ignore this -
otherwise I'd be happy to have these in CC, I tried to make the work impact
as low as possible.

Christian Beier (6):
  CC: ar71xx: add kernel support for EnGenius EPG5000.
  CC: ar71xx: add user-space support for EnGenius EPG5000.
  CC: ar71xx: add profile and build image for EnGenius EPG5000.
  CC: ar71xx: Fix WAN port location on EnGenius ESR1750 and EPG5000.
  CC: ar71xx: add LED defaults for the EnGenius EPG5000
  CC: ar71xx: Fix LED-to-phy mapping for EnGenius ESR1750.

 target/linux/ar71xx/base-files/etc/diag.sh         |   3 +
 .../ar71xx/base-files/etc/uci-defaults/01_leds     |   9 +-
 .../ar71xx/base-files/etc/uci-defaults/02_network  |   7 +-
 target/linux/ar71xx/base-files/lib/ar71xx.sh       |   3 +
 .../ar71xx/base-files/lib/upgrade/platform.sh      |   1 +
 target/linux/ar71xx/config-3.18                    |   1 +
 .../ar71xx/files/arch/mips/ath79/mach-epg5000.c    | 178 +++++++++++++++++++++
 target/linux/ar71xx/generic/profiles/engenius.mk   |  12 ++
 target/linux/ar71xx/image/Makefile                 |   2 +
 .../718-MIPS-ath79-add-EPG5000-support.patch       |  39 +++++
 10 files changed, 250 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 target/linux/ar71xx/files/arch/mips/ath79/mach-epg5000.c
 create mode 100644 target/linux/ar71xx/patches-3.18/718-MIPS-ath79-add-EPG5000-support.patch

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