[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] allow HOST* variables to be set from config.

Lawrence D'Anna larry at elder-gods.org
Mon Jul 20 03:59:45 EDT 2015

>>> I’ve also found some of the tools include  some headers from linux or
>>> glibc that you wouldn’t find on mac os,
>>> like linux/types.h and elf.h.    I’ve extracted a sufficient set of
>>> these headers and I install them /usr/local
>>> ( https://github.com/smoofra/fake-glibc  )
>> If something relies on having linux/types.h on the host, then this is a
>> bug that should be reported and fixed.
> I agree!  There’s a bunch of bugs like this.   I’ll send in some reports for them.

Ugh!  I’ve been carrying these silly headers around and fixing bugs in them.  I fixed one today!
But I uninstalled them and the same stuff that was breaking before isn’t breaking.   

I guess various autoconf scripts were just probing for linux headers regardless of whether they 
were building for linux or not.

So it appears whatever bug first prompted me to create that silly headers repo has since been fixed, 
and i’ve been carrying it around for no reason :/

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