[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] allow HOST* variables to be set from config.

Lawrence D'Anna larry at elder-gods.org
Mon Jul 20 01:45:30 EDT 2015

> On Jul 19, 2015, at 10:33 PM, Felix Fietkau <nbd at openwrt.org> wrote:
> On 2015-07-20 07:27, Lawrence D'Anna wrote:
>> I’m using homebrew.    One of the libraries that seems to be needed is a
>> modern version of openssl.     
>> The openssl included on mac os is kind of old and isn’t compatible
>> Homebrew installs most things to /usr/local, but Xcode doesn’t look
>> there.   It installs openssl to /usr/local/opt
>> to avoid overlapping with the system’s openssl. 
> Where is a newer version of openssl needed?
tools/mkimage fails with on #import <openssl/evp.h>

>> I’ve also found some of the tools include  some headers from linux or
>> glibc that you wouldn’t find on mac os,
>> like linux/types.h and elf.h.    I’ve extracted a sufficient set of
>> these headers and I install them /usr/local
>> ( https://github.com/smoofra/fake-glibc  )
> If something relies on having linux/types.h on the host, then this is a
> bug that should be reported and fixed.

I agree!  There’s a bunch of bugs like this.   I’ll send in some reports for them.

>> I’m surprised to hear you can build on mac os without any of these kinds
>> of problems.
> It's not entirely without problems, sometimes some packages don't build.
> I try to fix all the build breakage I encounter though.
>> Could you tell me
>> what version of OS X and Xcode you’re on?   It I’m on mac os 10.11 /
>> Xcode 7 so these issues might be new, 
>> but then again I can’t imagine what version of mac os would have had
>> linux/types.h.
> I haven't upgraded yet, I think I'll wait for the final release.

Anyway, I’d argue that being able to set the host compiler and flags is useful enough in general.    These kind 
of little build breakages tend to happen whenever you build things on a unix flavor that isn’t what they’re normally
built on.   Usually the most obvious workaround is to add some -I and -L flags.   

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