[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH V3] cdc_ncm: Add support for moving NDP to end of NCM frame

chrono chrono at open-resource.org
Tue Jul 14 08:44:44 EDT 2015

how is the testing going ? i would like to also pull this intot he CC
which means there is not that much time left.

I'll try to do another test with cdc-⁠wdm0 tonight, as promised
to Matti. Apart from that it has been running here with current
trunk on a MR3020 as well as a GL-⁠Inet (both ar71xx) without
any problems, abnormal disconnects or any other erratic/⁠weird
system behaviour.

also the patch sent was missing proper subject and SoB.

Sorry if I have broken any protocol, I have no experience with
openwrt-⁠devel ecosphere from a submitter's point of view. How
should the Subject be formatted to be proper? Also, SoB?


My guess is, it means Signed-⁠off By, but again, I don't know
if I can sign something off and if so, how I have to do it :)

Since I found a lot of refs on the web where people were trying
to get this working (again?) I thought it made sense to share
the results of the time Enrico and I invested into it to get it
to work, so that even if the patch was rejected, people could
take it and do whatever they want since it's pretty much all
that is needed.
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