[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] uboot-lantiq: fix P-2812HNU-F1/3 package dependency

Ben Mulvihill ben.mulvihill at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 07:42:36 EST 2015

> the NAND boot does not work yet. I was not able to make it work with a
> SPL only because the BootROM only reads the first page. The Lantiq UGW
> U-Boot uses a very small pre-loader which loads another pre-loader and
> fits in the first page. Thus we need to convert to SPL/TPL support
> from mainline U-Boot. But I hadn't enough time yet to work on it.

I see. But is that the case with all lantiq nand boards? Do they all 
have the same bootrom? By the looks of it they don't all have the same
page size (HH3A has 512 byte, P-2812HNU has 2K).

Having read your explanation, I guess that I was in fact replacing just
the actual uboot part. I left the pre-boot partition intact, and I
suppose that contains the pre-pre-loader and the pre-loader. However
my uboot image was trying to do all the low-level initialisation, which
had already been done. So maybe I could forget about spl, and simply use
the factory preloaders to boot a uboot image which skips the low level
stuff. What do you think?
> >
> > Then the ebu configuration word needs to be set in the nandspl
> > image, as it is for norspl. Once again, the following fixed that
> > for arx100, and I think something similar will be required for danube
> > and vrx200.
> actually the BootROM should correctly configure the EBU to be able to
> read at least the first page from NAND flash. The XWAY_EBU_BOOTCFG is
> only used for parallel NOR to setup various command timings and
> delays.

I did a hex dump of the factory uboot on the HH3A, and it does have
XWAY_EBU_BOOTCFG at location 0x10. I tried my own builds with this and
without. Without it the board reboots immediately, with it it hangs.


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