[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] [ar71xx] Add support for MERCURY MAC1200R

Roger Pueyo Centelles rogerpueyo at rogerpueyo.com
Tue Jan 27 12:21:18 EST 2015


Ok, now I see. Thanks!


Acoording to mach-archer-c7.c ,I think we should use ath79_register_pci();
> here and use /lib/preinit/81_load_ath10k_board_bin to load calibration
> data for ath10k.

So, I understand I have to remove this line from

ap91_pci_init(art + MAC1200R_PCIE_CALDATA_OFFSET, tmpmac);

Then, the MACs in my router end in:
- eth0=>47
- eth1=>49
- wlan1=>4A

so it makes sense to have wlan0 ending in 48 (i.e. eth1 minus 1). In
target/linux/ar71xx/base-files/lib/preinit/81_load_ath10k_board_bin (art
partition is mtd4):

                        dd if=/dev/mtdblock4 \
                                bs=1 skip=20492 count=2104 >>
                        local mac
                        mac=$(macaddr_add $(cat
/sys/class/net/eth1/address) -1)

                        dd if=/dev/mtdblock4 \
                                bs=1 skip=20480 count=6 \
                        macaddr_2bin $mac >> /tmp/ath10k-board.bin
                        dd if=/dev/mtdblock4 \
                                bs=1 skip=20492 count=2104 >>
                        local mac
                        mac=$(macaddr_add $(cat
/sys/class/net/eth1/address) +2)

                        dd if=/dev/mtdblock2 \

>> +$(eval $(call
>> SingleProfile,TPLINK-LZMA,64kraw,MAC1200R,mc-mac1200r,MC-MAC1200R,ttyS0,115200,0x12000001,1,8Mlzma))
>> >The factory image is broken since TP-LINK started to use a new firmware
>> format with RSA signature in China.This should be introduced in the TOH
>> wiki I think:)
Besides adding this to the wiki, what should I change so that the factory
firmware is not generated?


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