[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] [ar71xx] Add support for MERCURY MAC1200R

Roger Pueyo Centelles rogerpueyo at rogerpueyo.com
Mon Jan 26 12:10:09 EST 2015


Thank you both for your comments.


>> +       ucidef_set_led_wlan "wlan2g" "WLAN2G" "mercury:green:wlan2g"
> I think the following line is incorrect:
>> +       ucidef_set_led_wlan "wlan5g" "WLAN5G" "mercury:green:wlan5g"
> There is no LED trigger called 'phy0tpt' so I think we should use netdev
trigger like this:
> ucidef_set_led_netdev "wlan5g" "WLAN5G" "mercury:green:wlan5g" "wlan0"


>> +static struct gpio_keys_button mac1200r_gpio_keys[] __initdata = {
>> +       {
>> +               .desc           = "WPS button",
>> +               .type           = EV_KEY,
>> +               .code           = KEY_WPS_BUTTON,
>> +               .debounce_interval = MAC1200R_KEYS_DEBOUNCE_INTERVAL,
>> +               .gpio           = MAC1200R_GPIO_BTN_WPS,
>> +               .active_low     = 1,
>> +       },
>> +};
> Although the key is called WPS/RESET , I think a reset button is more
important than a WPS button.That's just my personal opinion :)

I think you are right.

>> +       ap91_pci_init(art + MAC1200R_PCIE_CALDATA_OFFSET, tmpmac);
> What? I think this function is only able to load CALDATA for ath9k
devices.Maybe I'm wrong:)

The router has two radios, one ath9k and one ath10k. Isn't it needed for
the ath9k calibration data? Or this radio is already covered by
"ath79_register_wmac(art + MAC1200R_WMAC_CALDATA_OFFSET, tmpmac); ...?

>> +$(eval $(call
>The factory image is broken since TP-LINK started to use a new firmware
format with RSA signature in China.This should be introduced in the TOH
wiki I think:)



Sorry. Do you mean a description for the patch? I am not aware of what SoB


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