[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2] procd: delay inittab workers until the tty exists.

Owen Kirby osk at exegin.com
Wed Jan 21 14:34:21 EST 2015


On 15-01-19 10:34 PM, John Crispin wrote:
> On 20/01/2015 01:21, Owen Kirby wrote:
>> Add hotplug support for tty devices in /etc/inittab that are specified
>> by the askfirst
>> keyword so that terminals attached after boot time get console processes
>> started.
>> This was tested on an AT91 target using the gadget serial subsystem and
>> on an WNDR3800
>> with a USB serial adapter. One possible weirdness I encountered was that
>> the baud rates
>> and control modes sometimes need adjusting with a hotplug script after
>> reconnecting
>> the adapter. This is also only implemented for askfirst, but it might
>> also make sense
>> to do the same thing for respawn and askconsole.
> i think it would be a lot simpler if you ...
> * add a new cmd_handler inside hotplug/json_script called console or
> spawn_console
> * add a 2nd parameter to procd_inittab_run called char *tty that can be
> NULL or act as a filter
> * call procd_inittab_run with the 2nd parameter set from the new
> json_script handler
> * add a new if clause to package/system/procd/files/hotplug.json
I'm not sure that would really be any simpler. The cmd_handler would 
need to deal with respawning the console process and would wind up 
duplicating a the code already in inittab.c. It seemed like less work to 
simply extend the hotplug system to add a way for the inittab.c code to 
receive notifications of hotplug events. There is also the question of 
where this 2nd parameter to procd_inittab_run would come from, would we 
need to parse the /etc/hotplug.json script for anything that might spawn 
a console, and what if there were multiple consoles created this way in 
the hotplug script?

Furthermore, it seems like the description of which tty devices should 
spawn consoles and which devices don't is really a board-specific 
configuration item that seems inappropriate to put into /etc/hotplug.json.

Although, adding a new cmd_handler for creating consoles is an 
interesting idea. We could get rid of /etc/inittab entirely by creating 
all the consoles that way.

But, if you really think that's the best approach then I'll code up a 
3rd version of the patch for you.

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