[OpenWrt-Devel] RouterBOARD CRS125-24G-1S

Charlie Smurthwaite charlie at atechmedia.com
Mon Jan 19 07:18:17 EST 2015


Newbie disclaimer: I'm new to this list, and to kernel development, so I 
apologise if any of my questions are stupid.

I have taken on the task of porting to the RouterBOARD CRS125-24G-1S. I 
have a few specific questions so far and hoped someone would be willing 
to provide me with some pointers:

1) This device has an SPI LCD touchscreen. I am unsure where to put a 
driver for this, as I couldn't find any existing devices with LCD 
screens. This is a particularly interesting feature that I hope to get 

2) How might I determine the appropriate partition layout for this 
device. I assume this needs to match the Mikrotik layout in order for 
their bootloader to work, and to avoid overwriting data needed for WiFi 
drivers in the wireless version of the product. Unfortunately, my 
understanding of this part is currently very limited.

3) This device has a speaker connected to a GPIO. I am able to make this 
click using the LED driver, but is there a driver available to make this 
beep, play Auld Lang Syne, etc?

Currently I have NAND and LEDs working, Ethernet working 50% (it won't 
receive, not sure why not yet, but I will investigate further when I 
start work on the Ethernet switch). I've attached my basic code so far.



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