[OpenWrt-Devel] uboot-lantiq cgu settings for ramboot image

Ben Mulvihill ben.mulvihill at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 05:46:08 EST 2015


I am trying to build uboot-lantiq for the BT Home Hub 3A (lantiq
ar9), and am wondering where to initialise the cgu, in the case
of a ramboot image for uart booting. Normally the cgu is initialised
in lowlevel_init, but that code is bypassed in ramboot images. The 
result is that the board boots with the wrong cgu settings, which
sends the console haywire. So far I have tried two solutions:

- putting the following lines in board_early_init_f:

  #define REG32(addr) *((volatile u32 *)(addr))
        REG32(0xbf103010) = 0x80;
        REG32(0xbf103014) = 0x01;

  This fixes the console, but breaks ethernet. I am wondering
  whether this is because by putting this code in this place, I
  am altering the cgu settings after setting up ram. Is this

- adding the same two register settings to the start of the
  ddr_settings file generated by lantiq_ram_init_uart.awk .
  However, the resulting image gives a download error and won't
  boot at all.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

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