[OpenWrt-Devel] Is Linksys/Belkin lying (again) about being open source (WRT1200AC router) ?

Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 23:18:41 EST 2015


Great email Valent, and I fully agree with your comments.
We have had this discussion here in the past and nothing much changed 
from Belkin side (actually it got worse as they disappeared apparently) 
showing a total failure on product release.

I'm not entirely sure of the status of WRT1200AC, but if there is 
nothing here in OpenWRT and nothing else much can be found on the web 
they are once again lying. They are publishing intentions as if it was 
something that was already done and consolidated, ready for any buyer to 
enjoy. If there is something going on between them and OpenWRT we are 
not aware, at least not via this list.

I personally consider a big slap in the face of consumers Marketing 
doing what they do in Belkin, like if they didn't care at all. This is 
not simply 'a mistake' or 'a misunderstanding' , it's complete 
dishonesty and they are probably fully aware of this but simply don't 
care at all cause they just want to reach their marketing target. 
Probably people there might not even have a basic idea about what is 

As mentioned Marvel is doing some progress with the Wifi driver, which 
is great for WRT1900AC owners, but that's Marvel only. What has Belkin 
done about their share of the work BEFORE they release this new product 
? I not sure if much or any.
I hope they are able to show me I am wrong on my comments.


On 14/01/2015 13:05, valent.turkovic at gmail.com wrote:
> Linksys/Belking marketing is again doing one thing and saying another?
> This time they say that WRT1200AC router is open source:
> http://www.zdnet.com/article/ces-2015-linksys-1200ac-an-inexpensive-open-source-802-11ac-wi-fi-router/
> I have tracked progress with WRT1900AC and saw how they failed to give 
> us open source driver, so I hope that this time they will actually 
> keep their (marketing) promise.
> I really, really, really hope that this time they have reached out and 
> contacted any of you OpenWrt developers and that we will get truly 
> open source driver from them.
> So please let us know if any of you have heard anything regarding 
> WRT1200AC router and it's drivers.
> Cheers,
> Valent.
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