[OpenWrt-Devel] JSON data interchange format for networks

Nemesis nemesis at ninux.org
Sat Jan 10 07:46:43 EST 2015

Hi everybody,

in the past 2months some people have been working on a simple idea,
which would bring a lot of benefits to many peopleand that for some
strange reason has not been implemented yet, probably because the effort
is more "human" than technical, as many different people have to work
together and come to agreements.

But here's the idea:

Immagine you could export adevice configuration in JSON format and
reimport that somewhere else,like monitoring software, node database, or
whatever you need.
Something like this:

Immagine you could extract monitoring data with a simple JSONthat has a
similar structure to the device configuration, that would enable
different software to play well with one another, instead of building
silos that don't talk to each other.
Something like this:

Immagine the olsr json info plugin, or the json output by batman, but
instead of being all different,they shared a common structure, and
differed only in the key/value pairs that are specific to their protocol.
That would be easier to parse for who develops software to represent
those topologies visually.
Something like this:

Now, this is not some weird utopic idea. A similar thing has been done
in the GIS field: *GeoJSON*.
You can pass GeoJSON to any GIS library, written in any language, and it
will understand what is that you are passing. You can visualize that
GeoJSON on a map with leaflet or openlayers, you can useit to calculate
distances and stuff on the server side, you can output on an HTTP API,
or whatever.

Here there's a very early draft of the spec:

Before we start implementing it in softwares like node databases,
monitoring systems and firmwares, we would love to have some feedback
from you guys as everybody in our communities use OpenWRT.

We would like to know if anyone else has been working on a similar idea
and we would like to have constructive critical feedback and improve our
early spec before starting to prototype.

If anybody will be at Fosdem we can also discuss in person there.

Cheers to all and hope to see many of you at the next battlemesh in

Federico Capoano (aka Nemesis)
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