[OpenWrt-Devel] procd limits usage

Karl Palsson karlp at tweak.net.au
Wed Jan 7 07:16:08 EST 2015

Yousong Zhou <yszhou4tech at gmail.com> wrote:
> Which libc was in use?  Because RLIMIT_DATA only applies to those
> allocated by brk() and sbrk(), while malloc() of glibc may fallback to
> mmap() if sbrk() fails.  AFAIK, malloc() of uClibc for MIPS in OpenWrt
> utilizes only sbrk() with the default config.

whatever the default was for "atheros" in OpenWrt 1407.  so, 
> > But procd does nothing that I can see, no logging, no restarting.  Is
> > this the correct usage? Is there some other way these procd limits are
> > meant to be used?  The only reference to a procd init script using this
> > feature is
> > https://github.com/zqlee/smartproxy/blob/master/files/smartproxy.init
> "as=" (RTLIMIT_AS) is another option you can try.

What does that actually limit?  Matching up names from the procd commit
RTLIMIT_xxx with "man ulimit" for instance isn't always obvious (to me
at least)
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