[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH netifd] bridge: allow enabling or disabling the multicast querier independently of IGMP snooping

Matthias Schiffer mschiffer at universe-factory.net
Tue Feb 17 12:16:28 EST 2015

On 01/28/2015 11:00 PM, John Crispin wrote:
> On 28/01/2015 21:31, Matthias Schiffer wrote:
>> On 01/28/2015 11:54 AM, John Crispin wrote:
>>> this should not break anything with multiple ubus calls. the
>>> default behavior also wont change as we set
>>> cfg->multicast_querier = true;
>>> Please make those changes to the patch and resend it.
>> I just re-read the whole function and noticed why I made my change
>> like this in the first place: all values in bridge_config are
>> always reset to their defaults at the top of
>> bridge_apply_settings() anyways, not regarding if the blobmsg
>> contains a new value for the options or not.
> yep, i will cook up a patch tomorrow ...

Hi, any news on this?

>> Doesn't this mean that all option's values are lost in the case of 
>> multiple ubus calls anyways? Is this intended for bridge devices,
>> or should this be fixed as well?
> probably not
>> I hope I don't misunderstand how this is supposed to work, I'm not 
>> really familar with the way dynamic reconfiguration works in
>> netifd...
> me neither :)

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