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Lars Kruse lists at sumpfralle.de
Sat Feb 14 12:45:23 EST 2015


> Nope, I would vote against StartSSL. I know it is free, but the
> procedure sucks, and honestly: there is *one* company on the planet
> givin out *free* SSL Certs .. if that doesn't ring bells, I dunno what
> could :)

hehe - if they would force you to use "private" keys generated on their servers,
then I would agree. But this is not the case. Thus I do not see a
potential security issue. But maybe I am missing something?

Personally I like their uncomplicated procedures.
The only (visible) drawback is the lack of an "organization" field in the
certificate - thus it does not emanate the trustful aura of a corporation.

Anyway - feel free to ignore these personal opinions ...

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