[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt conference survey

Eric Schultz eschultz at prplfoundation.org
Mon Feb 2 16:57:05 EST 2015

tl;dr: We're gauging interest in an OpenWrt conference via a short
survey at http://bit.ly/1BWKWFP

My name's Eric Schultz and  I'm the Community Manager at prpl
Foundation. I've created a survey to gauge the community's interest in
prpl Foundation organizing an OpenWrt conference. prpl participates in
the OpenWrt community through our members directly as well as our
working group, prplwrt. Organizing an OpenWrt conference is one more
way in which we can support and strengthen the OpenWrt community.

We'd like to know if there's support in the community for a conference
dedicated to OpenWrt. Topics at a conference could include:

* How to develop your own flavor of OpenWrt
* How to create and develop your own OpenWrt package
* Question and answer with the core OpenWrt team

We're excited at the prospect of organizing a conference for the
community.  If you have any interest in an OpenWrt conference, please
complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

The survey is at http://bit.ly/1BWKWFP

Thanks for your time and your commitment to OpenWrt. If you have any
questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


Eric Schultz, Community Manager, prpl Foundation
eschultz at prplfoundation.org
cell: 920-539-0404
skype: ericschultzwi
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