[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2 4/5] ltq-vdsl-app: enable G.993.5 XTSE bit by default

Mathias Kresin openwrt at kresin.me
Thu Dec 31 04:45:56 EST 2015

Am 31.12.2015 um 10:01 schrieb John Crispin:
> On 30/12/2015 21:59, Mathias Kresin wrote:
>> According to ITU-T G.997.1 Amendment 2 (04/2013) section 2.1, bit 3 of
>> XTSE octet 8 either allow or denies the initialization of G.993.5.
>> Even if the current redistributable xDSL firmware doesn't include
>> G.993.5 vectoring support, enable this bit by default to allow people to
>> get their G.993.5 line working using a custom xDSL firmware.
> Is this the only change required to get vectoring working or do we need
> to do anything else ?

It should be all. Since r47784, vectoring already works with the XTSE in 
auto mode[1], using a vectoring capable firmware.

I can't say whether this change is really required. My vectoring test 
user doesn't have access to his line till mid january.

According to the ITU spec the bit has to be set. But if I have a look at 
XTSE from the status output that was send to me the last time[2], I get 
the feeling that at least this particular provider doesn't use this bit.

Since the bit doesn't broke my none vectoring VDSL2 line, I decided to 
set the bit to be conform to the specification.


[1] http://paste.debian.net/hidden/04381d10/
[2] https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/552876/
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