[OpenWrt-Devel] latest trunk r48016 factory image fails to boot on wd mynet n750

Chirag Chhatriwala cchhat01 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 23:43:57 EST 2015


I had a working build r42397 which was stable enough so I didn't touch it
until today.
I built openwrt trunk r48016 (last night) and everything built without any

I like to load thing the factory image but this time loading the factory
image resulted in no internet. Router came on, I could see activity on the
indicator lights but no IP. I did notice that the front LED light do not
stay on after the factory install on this build. On a working build, the
front LED stays on (solid) when working (default config).

I have LUCI pre-baked as I use the same configs. I personally run a diff
between the configs and didn't see anything that would have broken booting
from factory flash install.

Then I reverted to a working openwrt (r46900) build that I factory-flashed
and then proceeded to do a sysupgrade of r48016 (and wipe existing
settings). This WORKED, the router boots.

Something seems to be not working with factory install, but is working with
the sysupgrade. I have no way to debug this. Just thought I should bring
this to the attention of the devs in the forum.

Thank you,
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