[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH RESEND] dnsmasq: add config option for ra_names

Dominique Martinet asmadeus at codewreck.org
Tue Dec 29 11:58:51 EST 2015

Signed-off-by: Dominique Martinet <asmadeus at codewreck.org>

I posted this quite another while ago:
Dominique Martinet wrote on Sun, Jul 14, 2013:
> I posted this quite a while ago:
> Dominique Martinet wrote on Fri, Jul 06, 2012:
>> ra_names is a feature introduced in dnsmasq 2.61, which is why I changed
>> the rules to build something newer (and figured I might as well take it
>> to 62)
>> Basically, it:
>>  - does router-advertisment (not dhcpv6)
>>  - when it gets a request for RA, it looks up if there is an active ipv4
>>  lease for the same host via its MAC address, and if there is it adds
>>  the to-be ipv6 to the local dns (assuming the host will take the dns)
>>  - when it gets a dhcpv4 release it takes off the ipv6 dns record as
>>  well
>> (since RA is stateless and doesn't give the host name, I couldn't figure
>> any better way without dhcpv6; I was about to hack something (with a
>> very large axe and radvd) when I found out they've done it already :D)
>> There are also modes for router-advertisment only which I haven't looked
>> at, and a dhcpv6 client implementation that I didn't try yet either.
>> The option I added is in the dhcp field, a "ra_name" option with the
>> prefix to announce in RAs, i.e.
>> config dhcp 'lan'
>> 	option interface 'lan'
>> 	option ra_names '2001:dead:beef::'
> Since I re-installed my router I looked to see if there was another way
> to give dnsmasq a custom option, but couldn't find any - maybe I'm just
> blind though.
> That being said, I think this is a nice feature for anyone with a dual
> stack ipv4/ipv6 at home, it "just works", and if there is no other clean
> way to add this in the config I wouldn't mind getting this added.
> If you have any suggestion/qualms about it, please tell me and I'm
> willing to try to get these fixed before sending a new patch.
> (unless of course it's a "we're not interested" - but if I just need to
> add a checkbox to luci I'll consider it.)
> The original patch inclued a dnsmasq version bump which isn't needed
> anymore, so here's the short bit that would interest me:
> (just checked it still applies to trunk one year later, I just had to
> change the file path. This mail should apply with git am/git apply.)

The patch didn't get any reply so I guess it's more of a "we're not interested"
kind of answer, but I still like this option so trying my chance again...
Maybe now more people (hopefully) have ipv6 this will get a new look.

 package/network/services/dnsmasq/files/dnsmasq.init |    6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

diff --git a/package/network/services/dnsmasq/files/dnsmasq.init b/package/network/services/dnsmasq/files/dnsmasq.init
index 630c07d..a2f274e 100644
--- a/package/network/services/dnsmasq/files/dnsmasq.init
+++ b/package/network/services/dnsmasq/files/dnsmasq.init
@@ -375,6 +375,12 @@ dhcp_add() {
 	xappend "--dhcp-range=$networkid,$START,$END,$NETMASK,$leasetime${options:+ $options}"
 	dhcp_option_add "$cfg" "$networkid"
+	config_get ra_names "$cfg" ra_names
+	[ -n "$ra_names" ] && {
+		xappend "--dhcp-range=$networkid,$ra_names,ra-names,$leasetime"
+	}
 dhcp_option_add() {
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