[OpenWrt-Devel] Fwd: OpenVSwitch 2.5.0 for Linux kernel 4.3

Jeroen van Bemmel jvb127 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 15:33:54 EST 2015


For a Xiaomi Mini WiFi router I wanted to try OpenVSwitch, but the
2.4.0 version available in the feeds only supports Linux kernels up to
4.1. The ramips target uses kernel 4.3, and downgrading to 4.1 didn't work
for me.

OpenVSwitch 2.5.0 does support kernel 4.3, so I made some
modifications to the package Makefile to build the newer version. Most
of the patches are no longer needed, and with some minor patch the
code builds now
( though I haven't tested it on the target )

Is anyone else interested in these changes, and if so what would be
the proper way to add a second version of the existing package ( with
its own source code URL + patches )? Would it be a delta on the
existing package, or a new "openvswitch-2.5.0" package?

Jeroen van Bemmel
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